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Bridging the Gap Between You and Your Vision

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About The Blueprint

Imagine a world with zero limitations on your ability. Imagine a life of blissful fulfillment where all your wildest dreams and aspirations are now past accomplishments. Imagine the ideal existence for yourself with an eternal abundance of love, happiness, and thriving prosperity. According to the laws of physics, specifically the law of relativity, the human mind is incapable of comprehending something it cannot relate to something else. Therefore, all things existing in the imagination must correlate directly to something real and possible. Richard Corey reveals the key to turn possibility into reality in The Blueprint.

The Blueprint 

Modern society imposes false limitations on what is realistic and what is possible. Many times, an individual's subjective ideas of their own personal fulfillment are left unrealized due to these false fears of impossibility. However, no dream is too big, and all things capable of being imagined are possible. This book uses the story of a fictional character created over one hundred years ago to instill within the reader's core belief system an idea of unlimited greatness and ability, a character trait shared by all of God's children alike yet commonly forgotten. If there is a gap between your current reality and the ideal existence in your imagination, this strategy is for you. Using the principles of mathematics and deductive logic, the reader learns to engineer a strategic and structured plan of action for bridging that gap. Throughout history, mankind has uncovered certain principles and truths about God, the universe, and life, all of which become integral components to an overall formula, a formula for fulfilling one's purpose. We are all truly great and have the ability to accomplish anything we undoubtedly believe in. The Blueprint simply shows us how. Redefine your abilities to succeed with a mathematical certainty.

Learn to bridge the gap between current reality and your ideal existence, accomplishing your purpose and finding fulfillment in life

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Richard Corey

"The Blueprint is designed as a vehicle for personal positive growth; personal positivity only attracts more positivity...Be loyal to yourself and to those around you, maintaining an ethical respect for the same"

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