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  • Richard Corey

Read between the lines

Hi Richard, this is a placeholder for your blog created by, little old me, Emily. Let's make sure you have lots of great looking high res images to make your blog posts more visually compelling. You are not only an amazing author and attorney but also a powerful, charismatic and influential leader who motivates and inspires so many people.

It's important that we choose media that really wows and captivates. I have been simply using a snipping tool to get random videos off of your Facebook page and Instagram to incorporate into this website. I still need the high res photos from you in order to beef up this whole site. Looking forward to strategizing new topics weekly to write and post on this blog and then publish and promote in various places.

Keep being the most incredible man on the planet and I'll focus on getting your book promoted, published, recognized, awarded, and back in action everywhere! Looking forward to seeing where it will go. Cheers.

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